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23April 2018

International Real Estate exhibition in Moscow

Moscow International Property Show

Event: Moscow International Property Show

Date: November, 9-10, 2018

Venue: exhibition center "Tishinka", Moscow, Russia


The Moscow International Property Show is a traditional event, which for more than 15 years brings together leading experts of real estate from around the world so that they can share with each other the knowledge, observation and experience, as well as to offer their proposals to the public. Twice a year the Moscow exhibition center "Tishinka" turns into an exchange of foreign real estate, where you can purchase any object in any part of the globe.


According to statistics, each Moscow International Property Show is:

  • 100 companies from all over the world, working in real estate;

  • objects of both commercial and residential properties in 35 countries;

  • visited by potential buyers, serious investors and real estate agencies.

All these factors make the Moscow International Property Show one of the largest events of its kind not only in Moscow but whole Russia.


The exhibition has a significant weight on the real estate market, and today fully reflects the trend of this business. In particular, you can see the demand for real estate of different countries among Russians, as well as the state of international property markets judging from the companies exhibited in one of the Moscow International Property Shows. So, if you rely on data from the last exhibition held in April 2018, the pattern of demand looks as follows. The top five most widely represented at the exhibition countries were Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece and Cyprus ― these are, for sure, the most popular destinations among Russian property purchasers. A significant part of the presented proposals were for real estate in Latvia, Finland, Montenegro, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Portugal and Austria. That proves that Russians (on the contrary to popular opinion) are interested not only in resort mid-priced property: real estate in the Western European countries is far from cheap, and, besides, suggests a fairly high costs after purchase (taxes, maintenance, utilities, etc.).


“We’re very keen to make the Moscow International Property Show the real international event, and we try to attract participants from so many foreign countries as possible. Today among the exhibitors you can find companies not only from Europe but from the very different parts of the world, e.g. from Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Thailand, USA, Canada and others, — Kim Waddoup, CEO of the aigroup, says. — We’re open to the new partnerships with any companies from any countries but particularly to them which still are presented on the Moscow International Property Show not very wide. We are glad to approach everybody and always do our best in collaborating with the new exhibitors providing the best conditions for them in order they could present their offers on the Show in the most favorable light”.


The best place to judge whether the Moscow International Property Show is one of the largest events of its kind in Russia is our next exhibition which is held on November, 9-10, 2018 in Moscow, "Tishinka."

28April 2017

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